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We want to remind everyone of a few dates well in advance so that saving $ can begin now!

Summer camp at Sacramento in June. Cost is approx. $240

In hopes of giving the youth some opportunities to raise $ for these events, I have updated the YOUTH FOR HIRE list, including a few things they are able to do:
Wyatt and/ or Dalton Wright 682-1010...everything
Kayla Chandler 687-300....babysitting
Mallory Schilling 682-5546...babysitting
Marisol Paulik 909-786-2319...yardwork, babysitting, willing to do anything
The girls are all in Jr. High.

The youth has officially handed over the can recycling program. It has become too much work for me, and I believe the Scouts have taken it over.

If you wanted to provide a meal on Wednesdays for the youth, we still have dates open in December.

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