What We Are Thankful For

What We Are Thankful For

Family & Friends

God’s Gifts (his son, our church, my wife, the mountains)

I’m thankful for my dog. Chewi.

Lord, thank you for opening a door for Tommy and Gloria

Health, living on the mountain, friends, family, our church, my home and all the food

My Church family

Genetic family, church family and spiritual family

Forgiveness, love, bible, job, grace, family, health, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Birth of my great-grand-daughter, Hannah

My Lord, your presence in my Life!, For trusting me with your church and for allowing me to serve you.

Corn, water and wood

Good doctors, Family, friends and the church

Church, God, Home & Country

For knowledgeable doctors and medical staff

I am thankful for family, church, friends and to all who have served this country to keep if free Thanks to all who have served so unselfishly to God and America!

My family and my church

God’s beautiful world

I am grateful that God loves me!

My family

Mrs. Mary and Church

Mom, Dad and Sister

Good Health

My mommy , daddy and PJ

My family, home and job

My family and for teaching amazing children

My dog and my family

Mom, Sister and daddy

For patches, my mom and dad

My family and health

Living in Cloudcroft, for our health and our family and church family

Mom and dad and my brother

My puppy and kitty

I am thankful for your promise, for not giving up on those of my family that are not saves.  For protecting my children from harm and for loving them enough to wait for them!

My mom, dad, sister and brother and my dog and God

Church family, our family and our beautiful mountain

Family, job, health, church and friends

Family, my wonderful church family, health and happiness on the mountain

God, the food, and all the animals

My family, BeBe, my daddy and my step mom.  I love my papa and my grandma.  I love my veterans that were in my family who died as a veterans.

Thankful for church family and their support

The veterans and one of them is my daddy Jessie who was in the Army

Living in Cloudcroft and all the many blessings I receive each day because I live in Cloudcroft.

Thankful for Glenn’s recovery, and daughter Sharon’s full recovery from her broken leg.

I am grateful for all that our Lord has blessed me with

God, family, friends, a warm home, food, fellowship, a beautiful area to live in.

For Jesus and his love.  For good health, for getting to live up here close to Heaven.  For our church, for family, friends.  For the beauty of our world and for freedom.  For those who help and those who offer help.

For Family, my church family, children and grandchildren, home, food, clothing, pets, health, friends, and my ability to know right from wrong to share God’s love

Jesus, family, grace, running water, warm socks, love, sunrises, church family, health, home, sunsets, mountains, mercy, seasons, jobs, chocolate, Holy Bible, flowers, friends, puppy dogs, electricity, music and Sunday School class.

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